The Good Food Is Good Medicine program is a natural evolution of the work that FamilyFarmed has been doing for more than two decades. In keeping with FamilyFarmed’s vision of Good Food on Every Table, one of our fundamental goals is a better food system — one that contributes to a healthier public and maximizes prevention of diet-related illness. Scientific and medical research emphasizes the powerful connections between food and health. We recognize that Good Food can play a key role in reversing what have been fast-growing rates of diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart disease and other diet-related ailments.


Desired Outcomes

Good Food Is Good Medicine aims to help individuals and families increase their food and health literacy, and inspire deeper understanding of how food choices affect health. Our desired outcomes from this developing program include:

* A public that is better informed about the basics of a healthy diet, and the powerful connections between food, better health and disease prevention.

* Better clarity on the current state of medical opinion on fats, sugar, eggs, meat proteins, and other everyday food matters.

* Better understanding on how to integrate more Good Food into individual and family diets, lifestyles and budgets.

* Ensuring that information about food and health reaches consumers in manners appropriate to their cultural, demographic and geographic circumstances.

* Expansion of best practices for increasing food access so all people, regarding of economic and geographic status, can enjoy the benefits of Good Food on Every Table.



The Good Food Is Good Medicine program is in development, but programming is likely to include:

* Community-based events in which the message of Good Food Is Good Medicine is delivered directly by medical and culinary experts, with underserved communities prioritized for much of this programming.

* Collaborations with Good Food/health-related NGOs, as well as Good Food businesses, on free or low-cost events promoting the content of Good Food Is Good Medicine.

* Content on FamilyFarmed’s Good Food News site that will includes tips on how to shop for and cook healthy, easy, affordable meals, with information about the nutritional benefits of individual food items.

* Your Ideas: We are building Good Food Is Good Medicine to meet the public’s need and growing demand for information about food and health. Your ideas about how best to carry out this mission are welcome… please share them at

There is a large body of evidence on the general trends that support good health, but basic tenets are often lost among an avalanche of information. Trying to sort through conflicting messages from doctors, nutritionists and wellness gurus to make sense of the choices available can be overwhelming.

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